What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Auto Wheelchair Lifts

Having a disability can prevent an individual to do a lot of things. One of which is being able to go up and down a home or an outdoor staircase of a building. Thankfully, someone invented auto wheelchair lifts to make challenged individuals be more mobile and comfortable going around.

When looking for the best auto wheelchair lifts, the first thing to consider is safety. Quality should be the most important thing regardless of the price of the product. One of the best you can find in the market is the Braunability Millenium series. This is installed at the side or rear doors of full-size vans. The platform is 31″ wide and you can choose from lengths of 43″, 47″ and 51″. It is capable to lift 750 lbs. and the lifting arms are fully hydraulic. You can control the lift with the hand-held remote control or buy the optional remote control for more convenience. All of Braunability’s lifts features a patented system called Quiet Ride for a more comfortable and quiet riding environment. For more information about where to buy the product, you can go to Braunability’s website and find a dealer closest to your location.

Auto wheelchair lifts can cost up to $4000 or more, especially if they are well-recognized brands like Braunability. If you want to get something that costs less, make sure that you buying from vendors who are trusted and carry reliable products. For affordable mobility products, go to Discount Ramps. The DRC-Lift wheelchair carries sells for only $1,099.99. The lift’s capacity is 350 lbs. and the platform is about 29″ wide and 39″ long. It has a pretty big aluminum deck which is guaranteed never to rust and it comes with a 3 year limited warranty. This is just a carrier though, and it doesn’t work like the Braunability lift where it completely lifts the wheelchair inside a vehicle. This product attaches to the back of your vehicle to carry a wheelchair lift up one floor or transport it elsewhere. The best thing about it is it comes already 98% assembled, making installation really easy.

Another one of the best auto wheelchair lifts is the Harmar AL690 Side-Door Platform Lift, selling for $2,799 at SpinLife. This product is compatible to use with most electric wheelchairs and scooters. Side door lifts bring the wheelchair closer to the passenger door, making transfers much more easy and comfortable. Its lifting capacity is 275 lbs. and the platform size is 21.5 to 28.5 x 38.5 in. It is fully automatic and comes with a standard hand control and a 3-year warranty. It also features a no drilling installation so this product is great to use in leased vehicles and installation will be a breeze. Since most of these lifts can be expensive, you might want to check if they are covered by a Medicaid program. Most Medicaid wheelchair lift-stairs can be qualified for coverage but you just have to understand how to get them.

The best auto wheelchair lifts should be the most suitable for you to use. Your needs and comfort are the first things to consider when buying lifts. Even if some of the best products are a bit more expensive, you can be assured that you are getting a high-quality purchase that would last you for a long time.