The Best Auto Wheelchair Lifts – Important Things to Consider When Buying

Auto wheelchair lifts are one of the best mediums to allow total freedom to disabled people. It was not so long ago that going to different places was so hard for people with disabilities because of mobility restrictions. Today, auto chair lifts just gave a whole new meaning to total mobility freedom.

Depending on your intended purpose and operation mechanism, auto lifts can come in different product types.

Automobile chair lifts are specifically equipped to be installed inside (this is for large vans) or outside your vehicle. These are relatively easy to operate that one person can do the entire process without exerting much effort. And you can expect the price to range from $500 to $4000.

There are two mechanisms that lifts operate, which include the electrical chair lift and the hydraulic lift. In terms of the retail cost, electrical wheelchair lifts are reasonably less expensive than hydraulic wheelchair lifts. Although electricity shortage poses much inconvenience, electrical wheelchair lifts come with emergency back-up batteries to restore its function. Unlike its counterpart, hydraulic wheelchair lifts function through the hydraulic system that creates an even and fluid motion.

The BraunAbility Millennium Series includes highly engineered twofold hydraulic lifting arms to create precise and stable fold-unfold and up-down sequences. The three models in this series are operated using on-rise controller, remote controller, or hand-grip controller. To accommodate your lifting space needs, these are available in 43-inch, 47-inch, and 51-inch platform lengths.

Getting through a flight of stairs just to take your lift up one floor can be quite a daunting and tiring task. With a home stair lift, you can conveniently install it anywhere you want. It is suitable for your indoor and outdoor staircase – it doesn’t even matter if it’s a straight or curved staircase. Home stair lifts that are specific to curve-shaped staircases will cost more than the standard type (you could expect the price tag to be around $7000 to $15000).

Given the expensive cost of securing home stair lifts, it would be a great help if you seek financial assistance from government programs or agencies, such as Medicaid. Before settling on a particular stair lift, make sure to ask your retailer if they accept Medicaid assistance. If they do accept it, you can let them take care of the billing process – don’t forget to put everything into writing for legal purposes.

Purchasing auto wheelchair lifts involves complex decisions and requires a reasonable amount of investment. So, make sure to only get one from trusted brands and reputable suppliers. Online shops actually offer much wider selections of wheelchair lifts at reasonable prices – remember to choose only the best and most effective.