The Best Advertisement for a Detailing Company Is a Happy Customer With a Shiny Car

Have you ever been to a website of a mobile detailing and car wash company? Often they have testimonials and referrals, and they also have pictures of customers who are very happy next to or sitting in their shiny cars. There’s a big reason for this, it’s because that is the best advertising. Mobile detailing and car washing firms should not forget that, and they should also consider this while doing their services by parking the cars they are cleaning in a conspicuous place.

This is because other potential future customers will see them, and then they are going to want their cars cleaned as well. Now then, you can ask any mobile car wash operator or auto detailing entrepreneur if this is the case, and they will tell you the same thing, based on their experiences. Their best customers have always come from people who notice them cleaning someone else’s car, or from a referral. Most mobile detailers don’t do a lot of advertising, oh sure, they might have a website, a blog, or go onto social networks.

Yes, they might have brochures, business cards, and flyers too, but they are all aware that their best customers will come from referrals, and those who see them working on cars in parking lots and therefore stop to inquire and sign up for regular services or a detail. Often, I would advise our franchisees to go find a place in the corner of the parking lot that was visible to cars passing by, and detail and clean the cars there. You see, when the visibility is higher, the chances of someone seeing them and needing services is much greater.

Yes, these tactics work, and an operator can save a lot of money on expensive advertising in the newspaper, cable TV, phone book. or radio by simply advertising the quality of their work in the real world. Of course, no one should be surprised by this, and yet, whenever I’ve talked to folks who are thinking of starting such a company, and I ask them how they will advertise. They always come up with these great schemes that cost lots of money. If you are doing things right and your customers are happy, then the quality of work speaks for itself. So, you don’t have to spend very much money on advertising at all.

In fact, a good number of mobile car washers and auto detailers brag about the fact; that they don’t spend any money on advertising at all, that all of their work comes from referral or passers by. That’s because they are doing it right, their customers love them, and their work speaks for itself. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.