The Ways To Use Mobile Marketing For Real Estate Agents

People go nuts when they lose sight of their mobile phones even for just a couple of seconds. It’s like life itself depends on it. Admit it! The moment consciousness hits you the first thing you do is reach out for your phone to check if you’ve got any Facebook updates, Twitter mentions, messages in your inbox, emails, replies, likes or +1’s in your Google+ account. You check for the latest news happening locally and internationally, the stock market, the weather, the traffic and just about anything and everything.

Let’s face it! The way to live and cope with modern living is through mobile. Mobile phones are no longer limited to simple voice communication. We have evolved into data communication through SMS and MMS. Smart phones are then invented not just for basic communication or keeping in touch with loved ones and friends, mobile communication has become vital for business as well. Simply put, mobile phones are essential for both personal and business use.

Out of 5.3 billion mobile subscribers across the globe, over 300 million are in the United States of America. Imagine being able to market your services as a real estate agent in America and make your listings readily available to all these people for viewing and inspection anytime of the day. Mobile marketing makes this easily possible and is the way to go to expand your business and be known.

Here are some ways to use mobile marketing:

Real-time Notification

When you use SMS marketing, you will be assigned a short code and short number dedicated for your business use. This number which you will display on flyers, websites and posters shall then be used by a prospective client to send their inquiry on a property via text. You will then receive real-time notification that gives you the chance to contact the home buyer immediately and set-up an appointment.

Mobile Flyer and Mobile Business Card

A customer may easily send their inquiry to your short number to receive description of the property and your contact details via text. You simply assign different short codes for every property in your listing to be sent to one short number. An example is for a client to text the code A90210 to 2211 to get information on House A in Beverly Hills. Upon sending that inquiry, the client will then receive an immediate response with the property description (number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square area, basement, patio, garden etc.) including your contact number, email and website.

Virtual Tours

When a client text their inquiry, you may include in your reply photos, videos or links to your website for him to view the property without actually walking into it. Mobile streaming saves both the client and you as the agent a lot of time as he can decide on the spot whether they’re interested with the property or not.


What’s best with mobile marketing is that you do not need to spend so much money and so much time marketing your listings and services to home buyers. At a fraction of a billboard, TV, radio or print cost, mobile marketing can easily be set-up where clients can have ready access to property information and contact details with automated response. You may set everything up so you can have more time to do business simultaneously. Best of all, you don’t get too stressed out from all the traveling and unfruitful appointments.

In business, staying true to tradition down to the last letter and dot will not get you any farther. Change is a must. To profit beyond imaginable you must ride with the times. The times call for modernization and we are living in an era of mobile revolution. Mobile marketing is the best way to go. It is the call of the times.

The Secrets of Marketing a Mobile Car Washing Type Business

Okay so, maybe you want to start a mobile detailing business, or a mobile car washing business. You print up flyers, business cards, take out an ad in the Yellow Pages, and you’ve even developed a pretty nice website with some great pictures. You’ve also joined social networks, and you are hoping to get some good referrals going. So far things aren’t really working out the way you’d hoped. That’s okay, I know why, and that’s why I’ve prepared this article on the secrets of marketing a mobile car washing type business.

Now then, I’d like to discuss four main points that I’d like you to consider. And this goes up and beyond what you are already doing. Okay so, let’s talk;

1. Boosting Referrals
2. Power of Employee’s Influence
3. Social Networks Don’t Really Work
4. Get on Board with Newest E-Payment and GPS Alerts

All the best auto detailers and mobile car wash operators realize that their very best customers come from word-of-mouth advertising and solid referrals from happy customers with clean cars. Also, you’d be surprised how many people each of your employees knows. They probably know as many people in the community as you do, and you should use their personal networks as well. They should be talking you up to their friends, and you should give them an add-on commission on top of their pay for getting your new business.

Additionally, every time you clean someone’s car you should ask them for referrals, and even offer a free wash next time if they do refer you a new detailing client, or give them a free detail if they refer you to a new business that you can stop at once a week and wash all the cars there. You may think that social online networks work really well for getting new auto detailing clients. The reality is they don’t work all that well, but they do work a little bit, so it’s okay to participate, just don’t let that be your only source of new business.

Lastly, it makes sense to get on board with the newest electronic payment systems, which allow people to pay for their car wash or detail with their smart phone. And you should have an app allowing your customers to do this, something that is easily downloadable. And you should also have an app which reports your GPS location to your customers, therefore when they want their car wash they can find you very easily, drive-up, park, and get an instant car wash. Some mobile car wash companies are already doing this, and the customers are loving it. Please consider all this and think on it.

Make Sure Your Windshield Repair is the Best Possible

Driver’s Ed classes have long been famous for images of windshields with passenger and driver sticking out of them at wrong angles. In those cases, windshield repair is fairly irrelevant, but just as it is important to practice defensive driving – and wear a seatbelt to keep yourself intact – making sure that you do the best to avoid repeated auto glass repairs is vital too.

Repairs Should Be Done As Soon As Possible

The exact items covered before they let us take our driving tests vary between states and organizations, and of course, no one has the time or budget to teach everything, but far too many important things get left behind in the rush to drill in rules and regulations. Proper vehicle maintenance often gets short shrift, and care of your car glass even less.

Any time you drive, you probably see several cars with plastic or cardboard where a piece of car glass should be. It’s true that even the best auto glass specialist can’t always get to you immediately – if your vehicle is old or specialized or both, there may be cross-country shipping involved – but so many things are at risk when you put off repairs.

Consider It See-Through Security

Not only is a car with a broken window that much more tempting to a thief, but wind, weather, insects, and noise get in too. You never really appreciate how important your auto glass is until it isn’t there.

This applies even more directly to windshield repair. For starters, this is the one piece of glass you can’t cover with plastic and keep driving – at least not without getting into an accident or arrested while having an accident. It is your most important piece of glass as far as visibility, security, and structural integrity.

The windshield keeps you in the car. It’s not fun to whack your face against the glass in an accident, but when you consider the physics of even a fairly slow speed crash, without your windshield, it would be far worse.

Little Problems Get Bigger

Just because it’s easy to ignore chips in your windshield doesn’t mean you should. Chips grow into cracks. Believe it or not, the same thing applies to scratches; they may start out small, but with time and pressure, they will grow into a much bigger problem.

While not a lot of car windshields last long enough without getting broken to be sufficiently scratched to impair vision, it can happen. We all know how annoying the reflections of sunlight off the road or the dash can be and how they impact safe driving. Imagine that compounded by dozens of tiny scores all over. That is an accident waiting to happen.

Most car insurance allows for replacing your auto glass simply because you’re having a hard time seeing out of it, meaning that your windshield repair shouldn’t cost you that much out of pocket.

Furthermore, any good auto glass repair company offers mobile windshield replacement, meaning that they will come to you. So, whether the little chip is now a crack across your field of vision, or scratches are ganging up on you, the cost is minimal compared to the risk of not getting it done.

Mobile Oil Change Vans and Packages Available

There are many people who wish to get into the mobile oil change business and there are many packages available on the Internet for this. Having been in the mobile auto services business for some 27-years it has always been of interest to me how to best put together the perfect rig or van set up in order to be the most efficient possible.

This way you can best service the customer and of course make money too. After all if you are running a small business no matter how small one of your primary goals should be to make money right? Now then, recently I was asked by a gentleman to tell him how much it costs for a complete mobile oil change van and package.

Well, we do not sell Mobile Oil Change Vans or products and I cannot imagine what gave him this idea or what led him to such false assumptions and erroneous thought process. We do not sell products or Offer anything to the public? Yet having been in the auto mobile service business he assumed we also sold stuff for others to start their businesses? Well, let me tell you the market is too good to share.

Nevertheless I do have some thoughts on this pre-packaged Mobile Oil Change Business Opportunity Sector, since I know a thing or two about the industry. But first before giving out any advice I must know about his Market Area, types of customers, number of proposed cars per day, I may be able to send him to a web link of someone who does sell these things. Or perhaps assist him in finding the units needed so you can build one yourself.

As far as who sells the best products or has the best offer, often this more depends on your requirements and specs rather than who has the best so-called “Package” because packages are put together by others who make assumptions on your needs and thus these packages are compromises. That is to say they are built by people who put pieces together to make up the package and find their own vendors and therefore, they often fall short in the end-user’s needs. Does this make sense to you? Well then consider this in 2006.