5 Tips on How to Find a Good Mobile Washing Service

It’s another long day. Time to get ready for work, get the kids ready and off to school, fight traffic, and start work. The day is consumed with deadlines, and worries about what needs to be done after work. The last thing to be concerned about is the car. But now at the last minute you have been asked to take a big client to the airport in your car. The car is a mess. Coffee spills, clutter, french fries in the seats… yikes! When are you going to have time to clean up your car? You can’t leave work, you can’t say no to the boss, and you can’t let the client ride in your car in the condition it is in. Good news. Now you don’t have to worry. All you need is a good mobile washing service to come to your rescue. They come to you and they will clean your car. How can you be sure that you get the best in mobile washing service? Employ these 10 tips:

1. Make sure the company uses the proper equipment for the job required. Ask if they use the right type of pressure washing machine for the task at hand. (You don’t want an all purpose washer- it could actually damage or even remove paint from your car!)

2. Inquire about the cleaning supplies used. Are they meant for the job you are asking for? Do they leave any odors, residue, etc?

3. Ensure that someone can be reached easily. There is nothing worse than being pinched for time and not being able to talk with someone if an issue arises. Maybe the appointment needs to be changed. Perhaps the location of the service has been changed (maybe it makes more sense to do the service at your home rather than at the airport parking lot). Whatever the reason, it is vital to be able to stay in touch.

4. Check on Flexible scheduling. Convenience is key. If you need service done on Saturday, Sunday, or first thing in the morning, make sure your mobile washing service can accommodate you. If time was not an issue, you would not need their help in the first place.

5. Look at pricing and payment options. Ask about pricing and compare it to other mobile washing companies. Just because you may in a hurry, does not mean you deserve to pay more than you should! Inquire about payment options as well. In a pinch it is never good to be dependent on using a company credit card or a debit card only to find that the mobile washing service only accepts cash or a check.